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Laser Vbeam

With the Laser Vbeam treatment we perform dermatosurgery for:

  • Nevi flammei (Port-wine marks)
  • Warts
  • Spots
  • Brown marks due to the sun / aging
  • Poikiloderma of Civatte
  • Lentigines 
  • Photorejuvenation

Revitalize your skin and remove the marks of time and nature with the Laser Vbeam!

What is the Laser Vbeam:

The laser Vbeam emits an intense, however safe, beam of light aiming selectively at specific elements of the skin. The light is absorbed by specific vessels or areas of the skin colored with melanin, depending on the condition for which the treatment is performed. Factors such as age, the color and the type of damages, as well as their location on the body, determine all together if the treatment of the damage is possible.

Are there some conditions for the treatment?

The only condition is you to desire to improve your skin condition. Most of the patients that undergo laser treatment for cosmetic reasons, aim at the correction of the condition of their skin, not due to medical reasons, but because they are interested in improving the appearance of their skin, in a simple way, without the use of any invasive methods.

Is this procedure painful?

In general, there is no need for anaesthetic creams, but they can be used if required. The sensation most of the patients report is a sensation of heat or a slightly tingling sensation during the treatment. The skin that is treated is additionally protected with the Candela dynamic cooling device (DCD) through the emission of a frozen spray just before the emission of the laser beam. The cooling device increases comfort during the treatment, while protecting the skin, as it minimizes the possibility of side effects.

Is this treatment safe?

The treatment is so safe, that it is successfully used since 1980 for the treatment of capillary vascular malformation in infants and young children.

How soon will I see the results of the treatment and will they be permanent?

Most of the patients can see almost immediately the beneficial effects and the skin quality is progressively improved in the following weeks through the generation of collagen and elastin (Laser-rejuvenation). The results highly depend on the observance of the doctor’s instructions and a number of sessions is needed which depends on the quality of the problem. The permanent character of the results depends on many factors, such as the problem or the lifestyle of the patient. For example, if the sun lentigines have been removed from a patient’s skin and this patient still gets exposed to the sun without adequate sun protection, the lentigines may possibly reappear.

Possible side effects

In some cases the patient may present some redness or slight oedema (swelling) in the treated area immediately after the treatment, which usually recedes after a few hours.


It is recommended to avoid the exposure to the sun before and during the entire treatment, in order to maximize the results. You must use daily a sunscreen with a sunscreen protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. The instructions of care after the treatment depend on the condition that has been cured and must be discussed with your doctor.

Cost and insurance coverage of the treatment

The cost depends on the size and the area that is treated, as well as the condition which is treated. Most of the insurance companies do not cover cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. However, some organizations cover the treatment of deforming birthmarks, such as hemangiomas and capillary malformations. Consult your insurance company for more details.


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