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The Carboxy Therapy consists of the therapeutic use of medical carbon dioxide for the activation of the function of metabolism, the relief from localized fat, the elimination of cellulite and the tightening of the skin.

Medical carbon dioxide increases locally the pH value and creates an artificial lack of oxygen Ο2 supply. The body reacts by the dilation of the small blood vessels. The increased oxygen supply through the haemoglobin can be described by the Bohr - Effect (CO2 + H2O >> H+ + HCO3-). This leads to an increased supply of oxygen and to the initiation of metabolism.

In lipolysis there is a double action: first, adipocytes (fat cells) are destroyed by the direct mechanical effects and secondly, thanks to the improved blood circulation, the removal of the stored fat is performed faster. Due to the increased oxygen supply (Bohr - Effect) the fatty acids that occur are oxidized which has the result of the significant decrease of fat cells and the tightening of the connective tissue. With the Carboxy Therapy we avoid possible side effects to our health -liver- by various substances (carnitine, phosphatidylcholine -PPC-) that are used in lipolysis.
The treatment sessions must be repeated according to the protocols. During the application of the Carboxy Therapy we penetrate the skin with small needles (insulin needles) to a certain depth.

​For this reason are required mechanical instruments with the capacity of depth adjustment, in the form of a pistol, for easier and steadier application, so that the treatment is painless for the patient. In the facial application we feel a minor discomfort locally for a few seconds which stops afterwards, while on the body (lipolysis) the discomfort is slightly more intense.

The duration of the sessions is rather short, 10 – 20 minutes, painless, and you can immediately return to your everyday activities. The results last approximately for 2 years and depend on the body and the lifestyle of the person (nutrition, physical exercise program). 
Therapeutic results:
  • Psoriasis
  • Migraine - muscle pain
  • Tinnitus • Increase of blood microcirculation – acrocyanosis
  • Increase of the lipolytes and of oxygen in the fatty and surface tissues
  • Cosmetic Medicine
  • Localized Fat - Lipolysis
  • Cellulite
  • Scar healing
  • Stretch marks - Pregnancy marks
  • Rejuvenation of the facial skin in combination with mesotherapy
  • Tightening • Eyes - Dark circles
  • Neckline
  • Hair loss
  • Liposculpture (before and after)


Ioannis N. Chiotis
Dermatologist – Venereologist
Former Physician at the UNIVERSITY Clinic of LEEDS – ENGLAND and at the UNIVERSITY Clinic of the “Andreas Syggros” Hospital in Athens, Greece

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