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Since 1998, digital dermoscopy began to become popular in the Greek market and many digital dermatoscopes have been installed in hospitals and practices. The progress of technology until today has introduced in the market the digital dermatoscope microDERM of the German company VISIOMED. It is the only digital dermatoscope in the world that is certified by the FDA as a second generation dermatoscope. 

It is easy to use and is distinguished because:

It is the only one with a 2nd generation certification by the FDA.
The intensity of the light and the composition of the color are automatically adjusted so that they always remain the same, which allows for excellent and consistent quality at every zoom in stage. (This technology is a world leading technology and a patent by the German company VISIOMED and is provided only by the microDERM). This patented optical precision prevents the generation of color and light variations as well as morphological deformities.

There is no need of a potentiometer for the increase or decrease of the light beam of the camera.

The doctor can record larger skin areas with the macroscopic function of the microDERM, without changing lenses or cameras.

It makes automatically a diagnosis after the examination of every nevus according to the ABCD rule (the other dermatoscopes cannot make diagnoses automatically). Furthermore, if the DANAOS system is added to it, which is the largest database in the world regarding skin malignancies (only the microDERM has this system), then the diagnosis is even more accurate.

It automatically removes the hair that may interfere in the observation of the nevus and may disturb the symmetry and consequently the diagnosis.

It has the capacity to find automatically, during the re-examination, the precise position of the camera and thus to rotate automatically the nevus in order to perform a precise comparison of the previous and the current observation.

It has four types of camera lenses for very large nevi, as well as the capacity of camera shooting with the use either of polarized light or with an alcoholic solution.

The nevus analysis process with the special microDERM program is very simple and is performed in 5 steps:

  • First the shooting of the nevus is performed macroscopically with the camera
  • By pressing the button on the screen for the analysis of the nevus, the nevus is outlined immediately and with a special program the hairs which interfere in the image are removed
  • With a particularly simple way the comparison of the nevus is performed in a next examination
  • Next, the nevus is observed dermoscopically
  • Then the analysis according to ABCD and the rating according the pan-European DANAOS system take place

Hair root analysis

The hair root analysis is a special hair loss treatment. It is performed in patients in order to find out the health condition of the hair on the head. With the hair root analysis we can determine the percentage of the healthy hair that exist on the head and how much a person has the risk of hair loss or not. The process that is followed is quite simple. With a special instrument some hair is removed from specific places and subsequently the roots of this hair are examined by the doctor under a microscope in order to find possible damages.

It is an examination that will provide an integrated view regarding possible diseases of the hair on the head.


The Dermatologist - Venereologist Ioannis Chiotis is waiting for your visit at his medical practice in Rhodes to inform you about the process of analysis of the nevus (spot) with the microDERM program.​


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