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Laser Fractional​​

The Pixel Perfect method is a Laser Fractional cosmetic therapy, that removes years from your face. It helps reversing the first signs of aging and in the treatment of acne scars, as well as the permanent degeneration and chronic skin damage due to sun exposure. The Pixel Perfect treatment became famous due to its very important results in many cases, even from the first treatment session. The Pixel Perfect treatment is here to offer you the most balanced option, offering the spectacular results of traditional treatment methods, however at a much lower risk. It also reduces the recovery time from usually up to thirty days to just three days. Thus, the Pixel treatment is also known as the Weekend treatment.
The Pixel Perfect treatment is applied exclusively by the Harmony Pixel Laser system of the company Alma Lasers. The treatment stimulates the development of new collagen, improving the texture and the tone of your skin and effectively deals with thin lines and wrinkles.
The Pixel Perfect treatment acts through micro-needling (generation of thousands of tiny holes to the skin), keeping however unaffected the surrounding tissue. These tiny holes stimulate the natural healing mechanisms of the skin, that help in the generation of new and healthy tissue. The surrounding tissue that remains unaffected -as we have mentioned-, acts as reserve for a fast and effective healing and increase of collagen.

The Pixel Perfect treatment reduces significantly the time of recovery and the risk of complications compared to the traditional rejuvenation treatments with the use of lasers.

It is a safe and effective method, without any injections or surgery. After the treatment your skin is expected to look slightly irritated with a small erythema (redness), like a sunburn. A painkiller may be also administered to you so that you feel even more comfortable. These symptoms are part of the natural healing process of the skin and are improved within approximately 3 days.

Many patients choose the Pixel Perfect treatment because:
  • It removes the skin that is damaged by the sun
  • It smoothes out thin lines and wrinkles
  • It shrinks the large pores
  • It corrects the acne scars
  • It acts against the diffuse pigmentation disorders


Ioannis N. Chiotis
Dermatologist – Venereologist
Former Physician at the UNIVERSITY Clinic of LEEDS – ENGLAND and at the UNIVERSITY Clinic of the “Andreas Syggros” Hospital in Athens, Greece

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