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Laser Nd YAG

The Laser Nd YAG system (1064nm) for applications of vascular damages, hair removal, facial wrinkles, atrophic scars, pseudofolliculitis, etc.

​The system is also used in the treatment of facial wrinkles (type 1, 2) and other facial imperfections; also non-invasively through the SKIN REJUVENATION method (wrinkles + redness + broken blood vessels) (FDA approval), as well as for the neck, replacing traditional systems such as CO2 or Er YAG (Ablative Method).

The method is bloodless, there are no possible side effects (scars, discolorations) from the use of the other systems, has a zero recovery time since the process of skin rejuvenation does not exist, nor does the intense redness for a long time period. The patient can, after the application and on the same day, return to his/her daily activities, preserving thus his/her privacy.

The way the method functions is through the irritation of fibroblasts, through the heat that is developed for the generation of new organized collagen and elastin. The result is gradual and lasts for a long time.

The easiness of the method allows us to repeat the process after a time period of 12-18 months, aiming at the preservation of the result and the prevention of the photo-aging process.

The application is repeated initially every 2-3 weeks for 3-6 times, having as result the progressive improvement of wrinkles and of the quality of the epidermis (e.g. intense pores, etc.).


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